Choosing The Right Pet For You And Your Family

Choosing The Right Pet For You And Your Family

Which pet is most suitable for you and your family? A dog? A cat? A fish? How about a pony?

Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. You’re promising to take care of your pet throughout their lives. You will also be responsible for the impact of your pet on your family, friends, and community. Abandon them and you risk the safety of the pet, disturbing the ecosystem in your community, and many more other side effects.

That’s why you have to carefully consider which type of pet is best suited for your family, home, and lifestyle. Underestimating the responsibility of having a pet is often why people give up or abandon their pets. So invest your time and effort to make the right decision so you can ensure you and your pet are happy.

Here is a list of things to consider that you might find useful when choosing the right pet.

1. Cost of caring for your pet

No doubt that everyone loves the idea of owning a rare breed or species of pet but bear in mind they usually require extra care which might lead to additional cost and effort. Do your research and come up with a list of needs your pet will have in terms of food, housing, socialising, exercising, grooming, and veterinary care, and make sure you can afford, be willing, and have the time to provide them. Here’s a tip, consult professional help or trustworthy articles that might explain everything you need to know about the specific species or breed of pet you are interested in. Remember, some pets (Sphynx cats, amphibians, birds, etc.) require special vet care. Therefore, make sure you have a veterinarian in your area who can provide the care they need, or else, you might have to travel far for their appointments which leads to even more costs.

2. Your schedule and how much time can you spend with your pet

What does your schedule look like? Will you have time to spend with your pet?
Some pets will take up your time because they need to exercise frequently while some simply love being with their owners and might resort to bad behavior when they don’t get enough attention. If you are always rushing to chase deadlines as it is, chances are you should consider getting a low maintenance pet such as a hamster, fish or turtle. The exception applies if you have someone at home that can help to look after your pet when you are not around.

3. Your living environment
While we want you to enjoy life with your pet, we don’t want you to get in trouble with your neighbours, landlord or building manager. Ensure you check with them to make certain there are no such restrictions applied on pets or the type of pets you can own. Another factor to consider is the size of your house. Different pets have different litter requirements and some might cause extra pungent odors which might make them unsuitable for small spaces. Your furry friends might also shed fur which could trigger allergies if no proper air ventilation is available in your home.

4. The life expectancy of the pet
Different types of pets have different life expectancies. It might be smart to think about how long you are willing to commit yourself to caring for a pet. For example, if you are thinking of growing your family, you will need to consider the additional commitments that you will have in the upcoming years. While life is unpredictable, planning can help us adjust better. Plus, it’s unethical to disown a pet once they’ve gotten accustomed to the domesticated life since they will not know how to look for food on their own or protect themselves against other predators.

5. Nature of the pet
What do you seek in a pet? Want a lap warmer? A running companion? Or as a watch dog? This will greatly affect your choice of pet. For example, thanks to their build, the best dog breed for a watch dog is the German Shepherd and not the Chihuahua. Since Malaysia is a tropical country, another factor to consider is the ideal temperature that would ensure the pet’s comfort because different breeds have different types of coats and thicknesses. For instance, if you want a Ragdoll cat, be prepared to turn on the air conditioner so they don’t overheat when the weather gets too hot. You also do not want to make a pet out of wild animals. Not only is it unethical but taking them out of their natural habitat can trigger their animal instincts which might be dangerous for you as they become unpredictable and difficult to manage.


We know there's a lot to think about, but it's important to be 100% confident before taking in a pet. Ultimately, every animal deserves a patient, compassionate, and loving home. Don't worry if you can't decide which pet is right for your home right away, you have a lot of time to adopt new friends. Just know that when you're ready, you're about to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

PS: Once you’ve decided on which pet to adopt, we hope you take PawPal home with you too because we would love to be there and help you on your journey to make your home a safer and healthier environment for both you and your pet.

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