Why Grooming Is Important For Your Pets

Why Grooming Is Important For Your Pets

Good grooming is about more than just making your pet look cute. It also addresses potential health problems. It helps you to care for your pet before it becomes a problem. Sounds great, right? Read on to learn more. 

1. Groom your pet’s fur. 

Even if your cat or dog has short hair, brush it several times a week. This will reduce the hairballs most cats vomit or defecate in the litter box. Take note that heavy hairballs can cause stomach and intestinal blockages leading to more severe health issues. On the other hand, hairballs aren't that big of a problem for dogs, but they do occur.

As you brush your pet’s fur, look out for signs of over-shedding or for any growths or irregularities on their skin. This might be a symptom that all is not well inside. 

2. Gently clean your pet’s eyes and ears 

When your pet looks at you admiringly, its eyes should look nice, clear, shiny, and moist. When you regularly clean the areas around their eyes, you will be able to notice any irregular eye deposits or if you see any redness or irritation, or even a cloudy eye. This will help to set off the alarm that you need to bring your pet to the vet. 

Ears should also be cleaned and checked regularly. Once a week, clean your pet’s ears and take time to look out for any weird smell. You shouldn't smell anything. If it's red, inflamed, has lots of debris, or smells like old cheese, you’ll know there could be a problem that might need medical attention by a vet.  

3. Trim long nails 

Nails that are too long need to be trimmed as they can grow into the pads and skin of the toes causing pain and infection. Do not cut too deep though, as the area inside the nail contains blood vessels that might cause bleeding if cut. Trim the nails little by little. If you're scared of trimming them, talk to your pet groomer or veterinarian.

The bottom line is regular grooming is important not only for your pet's appearance but also for their health and well-being. An unkempt coat can be long, matte, and uncomfortable for your pet. Untreated eye and ear conditions can cause severe health issues in the long run. Long nails can lead to infections. That’s why we encourage you to make grooming an integral part of your pet's health care. Want to have an easy and eased grooming session with your pet? Simply grab a set of PawPal’s Pet Grooming Range online or at a pet store near you today.

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