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PawPal by Bio-D

Cat Litter Deodouriser - Non-Scented Granules

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Prevent strong odours from cat waste with our Bio-D PawPal Cat Litter Deodouriser. Our 100% natural and pet-safe formulation effectively absorbs and removes bad odours while also drawing moisture away from waste to help clump urine and prolong the period that you can use litter before needing to replace it.

Suitable for all types of litter and homes with multiple cats, ensure your cat litter smells fresher and lasts longer the easy way.

Product Features

🐈 Helps extend the life of litter -Keeps litter smelling fresh and absorbs moisture to keep litter useable for longer
🐈 Improves clumping - Helps to clump urine for easier scooping
🐈 Long lasting - Eliminates odours from day one up until litter is replaced
🐈 100% natural - No harm to pets

How To Use

Step 1

Empty and clean litter box before adding Pawpal Cat Litter Deodouriser. 

Step 2

Spread a thin layer of deodouriser evenly on the bottom of the litter box. Fill litter box with cat litter then apply a second layer of deodouriser across the top of the litter.

Step 3

Reapply a thin layer of deodouriser after each scooping or any time new litter is added.


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