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PawPal by Bio-D

PawPal Cat And Dog Repellent Spray - Cedar Wood Fragrance

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Keep cats and/or dogs (stray or pets) away from the areas where you don’t want them around with PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent Spray. Our super effective formulation uses the natural active ingredient EGX-101 (derived from the wild tomato plant), which is scientifically proven to repel cats and dogs up to 12 hours while also being completely safe for use around animals, babies and food.

Use your PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent Spray to keep disease-spreading stray cats and dogs away from your home or to train pets to stay away from furniture, baby nurseries, cooking areas, dinner tables, rubbish bins, and any other selected areas.

Just spray where you want to keep pets away, so you can keep your worries at bay. Because an obedient pet means a happy owner.

Product Features

🐈 Super Effective - Long lasting repellent effect
🐈 Natural & Non Toxic - Safe for children, pets and the environment
🐈 Mild Scent - Only unpleasant for cats & dogs

How To Use

FOR INDOOR USE - Spray sufficiently on areas you want to keep cats and dogs away from or alternatively spray a piece of cloth until sufficiently damp and place or hang in these areas. Use the spray alongside consistent training and reinforcement
i.e. reward for good behaviour.

FOR OUTDOOR USE - Spray outdoors to prevent cats and dogs from approaching pathways, fences, patio, patio furniture, garbage cans and other selected areas. Avoid spraying directly on plants and grass.

Suitable for use on tiles, glass, sink, table and steel.

DO NOT APPLY on porous, cracked, or unsealed surfaces, natural marble or aluminium. Not recommended for use on polished, varnished or lacquered surfaces. Spot test if unsure.


🐩 Water

🐩 EGX-101™ (Naturally Derived From Wild Tomato Plant)

Cat & Dog Repellent

Cats and dogs are adorable but also a handful. Keep any area safe from accidents with the PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent spray. Its unique formulation was made to be harmless for pets while still being effective at keeping them away. From using it to keep strays away to training your pets so they follow your instructions, the possibilities are endless. Don’t bring out the disciplinarian in you, just use PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent Spray.