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PawPal by Bio-D

Pet Allergen Control

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Formulated with nature’s own technology, our powerful formulation keeps your personal environment clean, fresh & free from allergens that are created by pets e.g pet dander, proteins in their saliva or urine and dust & pollen trapped in their fur.

Simply spray around your home to help reduce common pet allergy symptoms. It also helps cats & dogs that have allergies themselves.

Product Features

🐈 Super effective - Eliminates a wide range of allergens (pet fur & dander, dust mites, etc.)
🐈 Natural & non toxic - Safe for children, pets and the environment
🐈 Sanitises & deodourises - Eliminates bacteria which cause bad odours

How To Use

In air – Mist liberally across the room then leave to settle.
On hard surfaces – Spray liberally, leave for 30 seconds then wipe.
On fabric & furniture – Spray then let dry before vacuuming .
On pet bedding & living areas – Spray then let dry.


🐩 Water

🐩 EGX-101™ (Natural Pest Repellent Compound Derived From Wild Tomato Plant)

🐩 BluOxy™ (Natural Antibacterial Compound Derived From Grapefruit Plant)

🐩 Mineral compound (Natural Anti-allergen Agent)

Pet Area Hygiene

Keeping your home clean has never been easier with our Pet Area Hygiene range. Enhanced with fragrant plant extracts and other natural ingredients, each product in this range is designed to help ease and reduce the time needed to clean up after your pets. Now you can have more time to look in those bright shiny eyes and create amazing memories with your paw pals.