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PawPal by Bio-D

Pet Antimicrobial Wound And Skin Care Spray - Nano Silver

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Keep your beloved pet happy and healthy with the Bio-D PawPal Antimicrobial Wound & Skin Care Spray. Our pet-friendly formulation harnesses safe and effective nanosilver technology to eliminate harmful microbes and help prevent and treat infections, skin conditions and wounds.

It’s also enhanced with soothing chamomile extract which provides natural relief from itching and redness while helping to prevent your pet from scratching irritated areas of their skin.

Product Features

🐈 Multipurpose - Used to prevent and/or treat a variety of different skin ailments.
🐈 Pet Friendly Formulation - Free of harsh chemicals. Enhanced with Chamomile extract to soothe and relieve pets
🐈 Easy To Use - No need for water or rinsing
🐈 Antimicrobial - Eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses to keep pets hygienically clean and healthy

How To Use

For Treatment: Spray directly on affected areas of your pet’s skin 3-4 times per day. Repeat on a daily basis until the skin condition or wound has sufficiently improved.

For Prevention: Spray to cover your pet’s coat and help prevent skin conditions caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses. Repeat every 1-2 days or as and when necessary.

NOTE: Suitable for both cats and dogs. Avoid spraying in pet’s eyes or other sensitive areas.


🐩 Water

🐩 Nano silver (Safe & Effective Antimicrobial Agent)

🐩 Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract (Organic Chamomile Flower Extract)

Pet Grooming

Grooming time can be traumatising for both pets and pet owners but that doesn’t mean you should let your pets succumb to bad hair days. We’ve got you covered with our Pet Grooming range. Made with a wonderful mix of calming ingredients and super easy to use so you and your pets can have a fun and loving grooming experience. The outcome? Think shiny, soft and fresh smelling fur. The telltales of a well groomed pet.