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PawPal by Bio-D

Pet Area Sanitiser And Deodouriser Spray

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Our fast-acting formulation sanitises to kill harmful cat and dog viruses, parasites and 99.9% of bacteria which cause bad odours.

Simply spray on cages, kennels, pet beds/bedding, toys, litter boxes and more, without the need to rinse, to keep your pet’s living area clean, safe, and smelling fresh. 

Product Features

🐈 Removes strong odours -Eliminates odours from urine, faeces and dirt
🐈 Kills viruses, parasites & germs - Rapidly eliminates harmful microbes that can cause infections in pets and humans
🐈 No rinse - No need to rinse or wash with water
🐈 Pet safe formulation - No harm to pets

How To Use

To deodourise – Spray liberally onto pet living areas, hard surfaces and in the air.
To sanitise – Spray lightly on the cages, kennels, litter trays and surrounding air and let dry. For deeper cleaning, remove pet bedding etc. and liberally spray the surface and surrounding air.


🐩 Water

🐩 Benzalkonium chloride (Safe & Effective Antibacterial Agent)

Pet Area Hygiene

Keeping your home clean has never been easier with our Pet Area Hygiene range. Enhanced with fragrant plant extracts and other natural ingredients, each product in this range is designed to help ease and reduce the time needed to clean up after your pets. Now you can have more time to look in those bright shiny eyes and create amazing memories with your paw pals.